06-07 May 2018
20- 21 Sha'ban 1439 H
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Mr. Anthony Smith

PPP experts


Tony is a UK Qualified lawyer with over 28 years of practice. He is a specialist in infrastructure, construction and PPP projects and has advised on many major PPP projects in transport, health, education, defence, accommodation. energy and waste to energy in Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Central Asia, the Far East and Africa.He has been Head of the UN’s PPP Readiness Task Force (set up to give practical aid and advice to countries in their PPP implementation programmes), is a Lead Specialist in the UNECE PPP Team of Specialists, an associate expert in PPP Capacity Building with UNDP. As Chairman of PPP Experts Limited he has conducted numerous PPP Training Programmes in London, Dubai and Istanbul and has recently conducted a 10 week training course for Government Officials in Kabul, Afghanistan and was involved in the World Bank project for PPP training of government officials in India. .

He has assisted the United Nations Economic and Social Commission in drafting its Transport PPP Guidance documentation and Co-authored the UNECE Guide to Promoting Good Governance in Public Private Partnerships, as well as forming part of the team who developed Guidebook for Financial Assessment of Public Private Partnerships for the Federal Highways Authority in the US.

Tony has lectured extensively on PPP related topics and has worked with UNDP, United Nations Economic and Social Commission Asia Pacific, U.N.E.C.E , the Moscow School of Economics, the Moscow Financial University, the World Bank, USAID, and Asian Development Bank on PPP Readiness Assessments, developing PPP Capacity and drafting standard guidance and contract documentation.

Email: anthony.lawsmith@gmail.com Tel: +44 1234 708930 Cell: +447766565957