06-07 May 2018
20- 21 Sha'ban 1439 H
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Eng. Ibrahim Kutubkhanah

CEO, Jeddah Development & Urban Regeneration Co.



Chronology of Positions Held

Dates: 02 Aug 2014 to present

Position: CEO, Jeddah Development and Urban Regeneration Company (JDURC)


JDURC’s Vision is “to transform Jeddah into a modern day city that will provide prosperity to the communities it serves as well maintaining the tradition of hosting Muslim pilgrims from all parts of the world. Towards this end, JDURC provides the public sector with key services to make schemes both viable and successful ventures including, facilitating requisite approvals, assisting with appropriate legislation and adding value to development scheme. As the CEO of the Company, I monitor and oversee that JUDRC develops and promotes business opportunities in Jeddah’s properties (jurisdiction and authorities), concessions, facilities and communities that lead to increased investments (FDI & DDI) in Saudi Arabia and partnerships between the public and private sectors. Also initiates and ensure that reviews, develops, designs and implement the business development and investment platform (i.e. vehicle/function, including strategy, policies, procedures, systems, operations, and human capital and performance measurement) needed to support public-private sector partnerships and range of sustainable urban development projects (which includes urban regeneration projects, affordable housing projects for the citizens of Jeddah, commercial development projects, leisure and recreational projects, Outdoor Advertising & Parking concessions and improved transportation projects.

In addition to the above, HE Eng. Adel Fakeih, the Acting Minister of Health delegated me as Minister’s Advisor during the period HE was the Acting Minister. In this role I assisted the Minister in setting up of a very important mission with the capital works for KSA healthcare infrastructure and also advised in a wide range of MoH Operation and Maintenance, Gap Analysis in setting up of ICU/ISO Wards in selected MoH Hospitals to contain and eradicate the Corona Virus Scare, organizing a Workshop under the patronage of HE the Acting Minister on MoH Capacity Delivery, etc.

Dates: 16 Feb 2014 02 Aug 2014

Position: Deputy Mayor for Strategic Planning and Development


Oversee the development and upgrade of regional scheme for the City and ensure development of vision and strategic objectives for annual as well as five year development plans. Monitor performance management system and ensure its periodic analysis. Ensure strategic, macroeconomic plans are updated and investment of JM properties in addition to creation of investment opportunities of appropriate projects in the City.