06-07 May 2018
20- 21 Sha'ban 1439 H
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Mr. Thomas Robison

Vice President Commercial Director - AECOM


Thom Robison serves as the Commercial Director for AECOM’s Enterprise Growth Solutions Integrated Development & Delivery organization. IDD’s principal focus is to support the AECOM vision of “building a better world” through the utilization of progressive Design, Build, Finance, and Operations opportunities. In this role Thom serves to support the daily operations of IDD’s Public Private Partnership portfolio as well as manages several key relationships with our State Owned Enterprise partners.

Thom has a wide variety of Public Private Partnership experience that spans social, transportation, and utilities, however his more unique projects include information technology solutions that create long time value for all parties. He is currently serving as a consultant to several Federal, State, and local customers in the United States as well as a number of the non-governmental banking organizations.

Thom has supported several national imperatives across numerous regions with a primary focus on security and sovereignty, economic development, globalization, and public service delivery and design.

As a consultant to the Inter-American Development Bank and the Organisation of American States Thom has supported economic analysis for port and maritime commerce; and with respect to the Gulf Cooperation Council has served as a consultant to the United Arab Emirates in support of infrastructure expansion efforts such as the Khalifa Industrial Zone, and the creation of the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation, and planning efforts as related to the expansion of the Royal Saudi Navy.

Thom’s principal contribution to the domain of metropolitan planning was developed by way of his work conducting “Caring Capacity” analyses for government systems, as a means to predict need and the capacity to deliver within the constraints of the governing systems.

Mr. Robison is formally trained as a strategist, serving to write key components to several government departments and agencies and is currently designing the strategy for the US Department of Energy’s Infrastructure Security Energy Recovery.