06-07 May 2018
20- 21 Sha'ban 1439 H
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Dr. Louay Al Muslim

CEO, National Water Company


Dr. Loay Ahmed Al-Musallam is the Chief Executive Officer and a member of Board of Directors of National Water Company, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Al-Musallam obtained his Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) from Nottingham Trent University, UK and his MBA from the University of Leicester, UK. Additionally, Dr. Al-Musallam attended several Executive Management Programmes at Harvard, Pennsylvania, Columbia, Virginia, Michigan, North Carolina and INSEAD. Dr. Al-Musallam obtained his Bachelors degree from the Muhammad bin Saud University, Saudi Arabia.

In April 2008, the National Water Company was established as part of the Saudi Government’s effort to enhance water sector services and introduce private sector partnerships. Dr. Al-Musallam was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer and a member of the Board of Directors.

Since NWC’s inception, Dr. Al-Musallam has led the delivery of customer-driven value across the water and wastewater value chains in line with global best practices and benchmarks. He has introduced and implemented a number of highly successful initiatives and private sector partnerships aimed at enhancing the brand value as well as the financial position of the company.

In parallel to core business enhancements, Dr. Al-Musallam launched a series of commercially driven initiatives and programs with an aim of generating additional revenues from untapped water and wastewater products and services. As of 2015, NWC operates a number of highly successful commercial business units and programs.

With the expected support from its stakeholders, Dr. Al-Musallam’s aim is to transform the entire water and wastewater sector through the NWC New City Expansion Program while continuing to engage with the private sector, integrating the majority of cities over the coming 5-7 years and introducing the transformational and commercial blueprint across the Kingdom.

Prior to his appointment as the Chief Executive of NWC, Dr. Al-Musallam was the Deputy Minister for Planning & Development at the Ministry of Water & Electricity (MoWE). He was in charge of Privatization and Restructuring of the water sector in Saudi Arabia. During his tenure from 2006 to 2008, the Ministry received the Best Public Water Agency in the World from Global Water Intelligence.

Dr. Al-Musallam has participated in several international conventions as Keynote Speaker and contributed several articles to many magazines and newspapers.