06-07 May 2018
20- 21 Sha'ban 1439 H
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Mr. Gilberto Crombé

Global Chairman, Entrepreneur' Organization


A long-time EO leader, Gilberto currently serves as Global Chairman on the EO Global Board of Directors, and has previously served as a Director and Board liaison to EO GSEA. Other previous leadership positions include Education Chair, International Liaison and Mentorship Chair for EO Monterrey, as well as Regional Director (LAC) and Strategic Alliances Director. Under his leadership, LAC produced four Rock Star chapters, introduced new chapters (e.g., EO Guadalajara) and grew its community to 557 total members, a significant increase from the previous year. A passionate leader, Gilberto has used his skills to support EO GSEA (introducing the program to seven new countries), bring in new Global partners (e.g., Endeavor) and help launch the 2013 EO Global Leadership Conference (GLC) in Panama, among other EO initiatives, programs and events. An EO Leadership Academy and Entrepreneurial Masters Program (EMP) graduate, Gilberto has served as an EO delegate of the Global Entrepreneurship Congress 2013 and is an active consultant for business incubators in Mexico. Gilberto is the CEO of MultiLam, a wholesale distributor for Mexico, Central and South America. He brings to EO a history of proven strategies designed to foster quality organizational and membership growth.