06-07 May 2018
20- 21 Sha'ban 1439 H
\ JEF Archive 2006


Summary Report

Mission Statement

This year's conference calls for the honor and recognition of culture, identity and diversity as the building blocks for a world of "common grounds" rather than a global economy of "one size fits all". The conference will further seek to underscore stories of success and actionable solutions both within and outside the context of Saudi Arabia. Whether locally, regionally or globally, we seek to highlight and celebrate achievements that are special and inspirational about the human quest for inclusion and participation in the building of one world: our world, our tomorrow.

Honoring identity means honoring diversity as well. Identity and diversity are two sides of one coin. Identity is indeed an all-encompassing word allowing for many voices in culture, not only in race, gender and age, but also in thought, perspective, and orientation.

Among the questions to be answered in this year's conference is how can identity, and hence diversity, within society and across societies be respected while building a world that we all can be proud of? Is an economy of common grounds possible? Where are we on the quest to allowing more voices in the dance of what is truly human and truly productive? What of missing voices, such as the voices of the poor and the very young? Where do they fit in the shaping of the economy and society of the future? Are there stories of successes to be told on all these quests or is it all "gloom and doom" out there?

No two would argue about the current imbalances in the macro global picture both economically and socially. The question moving forward is what to do about it? The answer for us is simple:
Honoring identity and celebrating common grounds.