06-07 May 2018
20- 21 Sha'ban 1439 H
\ JEF-US Trade Mission Panel
Title: A Critical Paradigm Shift for Vision 2013: How to Engage, Empower and Protect 1 Million KSA Volunteers / First Responders

Abstract: Vision 2030 aims to reach 1 million volunteers in the non-profit sector each year, especially to fill the needs in field guidance and translation, field operations and healthcare administration. Varying from country to country, volunteers are often the "First Responders" defined as: paid law enforcement; firefighters; EMS; in addition to Hajj Emergency units. In most cases, they are both trained and untrained volunteers, often operating independently of governments and unifying organizations. When disasters occur, anywhere in the world, First Responders make themselves available to support the efforts of other First Responders.

This panel will address the importance of the KSA Humanitarian Fund, established by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, to deal with humanitarian crises worldwide by having Saudi Arabia be the cornerstone for changing the international disaster paradigm. Panelists will include notable participants like:

  • • Tommy Allen – Senior US Intel Leader in MENA Region/CEO 7CGEO
  • • Ahmed Al Badi – Former WHO Chairman and UAE Health Minister
  • • General John Keane – Chairman – Safe Ports Corporation
  • • Lucy Duncan – CEO - Safe-Ports Corporation
  • • Declan Ganley – CEO – Rivada Networks
  • • Steve Hughes – CEO – Total Learning Solutions
  • • David Gitman – CEO – Monarch Aviation
  • • Partha Bomireddy – CEO – Adroitent Telemedicine
  • • Vitaly Samsonov – CEO – Global Emergency Vehicles

Panel Moderator: Congressman Curt Weldon - CEO - Jenkins Hill International

Discussion will focus on:

  • • Identifying, unifying and empowering the estimated 25+ million first responders worldwide.
  • • Providing training and credentialing for first responders in every nation.
  • • Providing a worldwide disaster app linking first responders worldwide.
  • • Identifying and implementing existing and new technologies that will add Prediction and Prevention to the International Disaster Paradigm

The ultimate world impact/outcome is to underscore the importance of global unification, of the natural common bonds, between First Responders on every Continent in every Nation, based upon the common goal of assisting all people during time of peril and disaster.