06-07 May 2018
20- 21 Sha'ban 1439 H
\ JEF Archive 2010

Summary Report

The 10th Edition of the Jeddah Economic Forum held from February 13-16, 2010, had as its focus the key issues defining and playing a role in the Global Economy 2020. The objective was to look at the shape and leading characteristics of the next phase of global growth, which will be well underway ten years from now.

In the nine sessions that made up the forums program attention was devoted not only to the pertinent economic topics that are currently dominating headlines such as the outlook for global economic governance the role of reserve currencies and the circumstances surrounding banking and finance but equally the focus was on issues in the broader context in terms of the future development of both the global economy and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in particular. This included energy and the environment trade agriculture and food security as well as health science & technology and education.