06-07 May 2018
20- 21 Sha'ban 1439 H
\ JEF Archive 2008


Summary Report

The topics of the Jeddah Economic Forum 2008 were shaped by developments on the global scene affecting the GCC and, motivating us to search for creative solutions adapted to local factors. Not surprisingly, entrepreneurial and out-of-the box thinking, as evidenced by Mohammed Yunus, Sheikha Lubna Al Qassimi, and Richard Branson, were the most attended and appreciated sessions, as evidenced by the standing ovations and applause each received.

The forum convened at a time when was experiencing a capital surplus as a result of unprecedented demand for oil, now sold at historic high prices. Considering the transitory nature of oil-generated booms and the need for to capitalize on the current boom, the discussions centering on fiscal policy and macro-economic strategy received special attention from the delegates.

The sessions of JEF 2008 were organized around the following sub-themes:

1. From the House to the World

2. Rethinking Real Estate and Urban Development

3. From Boom to Prosperity

4. Energy: Alliances of Horses and Forces

5. The Socio-Economic Link: The Double Helix of Life

6. Landscaping the Future: Who Should Take the Lead

There was consensus among the forum speakers that a healthy economy requires a healthy social economy and civil society. The OECD discussing the regions educational challenges, and active civic groups such as Friends of Jeddah Parks and Arab Human Rights Fund are just a few examples. It was this realization that determined the choice of the title for this forum: Value Creation Through Partnerships and Alliances. The forum provided a unique space for the participants to reflect collectively, business, government and civil society, on global solutions to local problems.